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Friday, November 14, 2008

The New Style.

There have been some interesting things in the works since my last update (see Time VXR Proteam). When it came time to streamline things the fall, I originally set out at only doing wheels and wheel-goods seeing as how it was my primary interest point in all things bike related. This approach changed after my first ride on the Time VXR Proteam as I was absolutely smitten. Upon sealing the deal with my regional Time man in charge aka Steve Pucci, it became my mission to re-create Svelte Cycles into place where cyclists could come, hang-out and get that signature complete bike they always wanted... perhaps a nice handbuilt wheelset equiped with tires, skewers, cork brake pads and cassettes's ready-to-go right out of the box... or even something as honest and useful as a handful of Michelin tubes.

As my focus is shifting to complete bike sales and handbuilt wheels in 2009, you will notice a very select offering of goods consisting of items, which I strongly believe, are the best possible choices both performance and value wise. The carbon fiber brakes, the 90 gram seatposts, the 20 grams skewers I previously offered were all really neat stuff don't get me wrong, but when it comes down to it... that stuff is for show and are not intended to be pounded on for years on end. So if you are looking for a 12 pound, $15,000 show bike perhaps you are in the wrong spot. If you are looking for a bike that fits, is reliable, performs, is Pro-Tour level and backed by companies with legitimate warranty policies and smooth customer service you have certainly come to the right spot.

Svelte Cycles is now stocking many of it's items listed in an effort to expedite delivery time and improve customer satisfaction. Over the next month I will be bringing in many items including but not limited to Continental Competiton 22's, Fizik Microtex Bar Tape, 3T Rotundo Handlebars and ARX Stems, DT Swiss Hubs, Rims and Spokes, White Industries Hubs, Lew ProVT-1 Rims, Edge 1.68 Tubular Rims, Arundel H20 Cages and Saddle Bags, Pillar Hidden Nipples, Michelin Laytex and Butyl Tubes, Cork Brake Pads, Campagnolo Wheel Bags... Items not in stock but on short order include but are not limited to Time Frames and Bicycles, Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano Gruppo's and of course the odd special order for a set of Lightweights.

Here are some snap shots of recently ordered product to keep your palette wet. Until next time...

Cool graphics on the new 3T Rotundo.
You will never have to worry about one lever being lower than the other again!
Here I am comparing -17 to -6 degree angled stems.
Not to frumpy aye?
Another side by side comparison. Can you pick the more streamlined stem?
Love that classic bend. Here I am comparing the 3T's to the shallow drop Oval Concepts. The angle of this pic favours in terms of vanity the Oval's but you can tell that the 3T's have a slightly deeper drop.
Lightweights come complete with a DT Swiss Lockring.
Here is a piece of tape with German Code written on it. These were a show model I sourced for a customer on the "cheap".
Aside from the bits of glue residue, these could pass as new.
Ta Da! Is there anything sexier than a set of Lightweights? Too bad they are so friggin expensive and needy. But hey... if you have the cash and the time, I say go for it!
Rain, rain go away. To bad the lighting was awful this morning. Here is a shot of the gorgeous wishbone stay on the Time Edge Pulse.
I couldn't believe how similar the tubes and lugs on the Edge were to the one's the Time VXR Proteam!
Same fork.... FYI these forks retail for around $600 alone!
Same Quick-Set technology.
This baby will be built up with all my select 2009 items and will be featured in my 2009 Collection Catalogue. Jeff Weir (photographer extrordinaire), here I come!

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