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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's new at Svelte?

Lots has been going on behind the scenes here at Svelte Cycles so I thought I would take this early morning before I set out on the bike then get knee deep in some wheel builds to bring you up to speed on a couple interesting things.

First of all, I moved. No not very far at all from where I was before but due to the fact that I was rapidly outgrowing my cozy little nook in the north end of Nashua, NH it was time to move on. The main reason being Svelte Cycles is now an "Authorized Independent Fabrications Dealer". What does that mean? It means I need space to have you guys over, fit you for a bike and all within a nice formal, chic space so our styles aren't cramped. More photos of the space later... think hardwood floors, sunny, big windows, lots of nice bikes on display and plenty Rouleur and Embrocation magazines to read while sipping on espresso.

A couple months ago when the first signs of spring became apparent, I decided it was time to add a little colour to the Svelte casual wear ensemble. A few deep thoughts and sketches later, I was headed down to the local custom t-shirt shop owned by my pal Tyler and placing an order. Here is what I came up with.

Some Svelte Falcon (fastest land animal) Crest action in mint green.

OK so this one has no colour but hey... white means spring/summer and should join the party.

I've always admired the symmetry and prestige behind the Chanel logo so I came up with my own little play on it for all you fashionistas. Using a cursive lower case "s" and "c" this one is real stunner (for an American Apparel t-shirt anyways!)

Oh yeah, and in case you get thirsty. Specialized makes the best water bottles ever so I figured I should get a few hundered made up for us. I love the translucent green tops paired with the sharp colours of the Falcon Crest. (this artsy shadow pictures belies their vivid green hues but you get the idea!)

I will be sure to post these goodies up on the (changing by the day) website and add the links to this post later this afternoon just in case you want some of this stuff for yourself this summer. As always, thank you for reading!

*update: Click Here!

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BethLeasure said...

I admire the falcon crest logo, and the variations for a fresh look. "Fast" creativity!

Anonymous said...

nice work on indy fab. you two will be good for each other....


Robbie King said...

When you open up, send me your address so I can pedal my sweet IF over to check out your new dealership.