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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Svelte Cycles: Heritage Part 1

What makes Svelte Cycles special? Why would anyone purchase a multi-thousand dollar bicycle from a "kid" operating out of a workshop with no staff, no set store hours and no big shiny advertisement campaign? Heritage.

I am Justin Spinelli. For the last 15 years I have dedicated my life to racing bicycles, bicycle mechanics, industrial design, modern art and the practice of good business.

They say without pictures it never happened. The series that follows is a visual catalog of events portraying just how deep my pedigree, passion and commitment to the sport and industry of cycling runs.

Justin Spinelli
Owner of Svelte Cycles

and Pa...

I was born in the now hot-bed of cycling culture; Portland, Oregon. Here I am chilling with my mother (Cynthia) on the steps of 2222 NW Irving Street well before the days of Stumptown Coffee, Rapha and gentrification in the 97205.

I came from a very modest home but we always had a good time. This picture of me at speed in my "sled" pretty much sums it up.

Excercise was fun. In fact most things were. Both my parents were amazing athletes in their own right. My father the Co-Captain of his college football team and my mother a competitive swimmer come fitness buff. I always had the choice whether to participate or not. Most of the time I did.

Our move to New Hampshire didn't change too much for me aside from leaving the French-American school and enrolling in a traditional education system. Skateboarding and its culture took a very strong hold on me and I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete . Little did I know what was to come.

It begins....

To be continued...


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