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Friday, February 19, 2010

Spy Shots and Those Damn Italians!

This just in from Austin, TX... Corsa Carbonio fresh from the oven!

Over on the East Coast... Ti is so pretty painted no?

Steel in the nude and in its infancy but just use your imagination. The "Issimo" is coming.....

I had written off ever seeing the 20 Nemesis Rims I ordered last NOVEMBER. Pretty sure these will go well with Dura Ace or Record hubs and some Challenge Paris-Roubaix tires no? You know who to call if you want a pair! Muahahahaha!!!!!!

Justin Spinelli
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Anonymous said...

the wee giveaway is in the background..

im looking forward to seeing it


Anonymous said...

Are those the old Quattro Assi lugs on the steel forks?

Svelte Cycles - Product Reviews said...

Those lugs are the Richie-Issimo Lugs from Richard Sachs:


Anonymous said...

What else does it say on those rims besides "Ambrosio" and "Nemesis?" I can't read the smaller print.