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Saturday, June 28, 2008

SRAM Pit Stop Superlight Bar Tape

OK. So I know I said that this weekend will bring the review of the Zero Gravity Neg G brakes but I have some loose ends to tie up first. A couple weeks ago I installed some SRAM PitStop Superlight Bar Tape, took a bunch of pictures, made some mental notes then got all caught up in bike racing and forgot about my bar tape review. Well damn. Here it is short and sweet.

This stuff is wikid awesome. Why?

1. Nice Packaging.

2. Velvety Smooth feel. Think pool table. No not that way. Just the way a pool table feels. Back to the bar tape.
3. Sticky backside too. Very important... You don't want the tape moving around on you.
4. It doesn't stretch much when you wrap it so you gotta be like Jack Black with tenaciousness. And for fcuks sake man... wrap it the right direction!
5. Cut it at an angle so you look all PRO and badass. (Check out those scissors. Found them on a training ride in Italy a looooong time ago.)

6. Nice, solid, sturdy finishing plugs that wont fall out or crack.

6. Voila!
Don't waste your bar tape cash on anything else. SRAM PitStop is the way to go. I do like the Fizik as well but hey... the SRAM just makes you want to never use gloves again (bad idea though). Go ahead and treat yourself to a roll or two HERE.

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