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Monday, June 2, 2008

Part 3: First Ride on Edge's.

This morning I set out for my first ride on the Edge's. Seeing as how I haven't trained on tubular's in ages there was first some prep work to do as to insure I wouldn't be stuck out in the middle of nowhere should I flat. Personally I would rather be thirsty than have a tire obnoxiously strapped to my seat's rails, so I made a bottle cage-tubular tire holder.

1. Get some old bottles from 1994.

2. Cut the tops off both of them where they begin to taper up from the body.

3. Fold your spare tubular into 3's. In this case I was sure my spare have a valve extender pre-mounted... those rims are deeeeeep.
4. Shove the tubular in the case nice and snug.

5. Cut 3 little slits in the other bottle so it will slide over the tubular-holding bottle more easilly.

6. Slide the two chopped bottles together, place in the bike. Fin. Now make sure you bring your pump!
Here is a pic of the this nifty little Euroesque contraption on my test bike.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Just rode 100+ miles in 90 weather - w/o 2 bottles I would have been toast. Strapping a spare tubular to the rails works fine (put it in an old sock if you want to keep the schmutz off).

Extreme tape - works fine. But wait until you have to change the tubbie on the road.
Sticking with Mastik for now.

Justin, great blog - keep 'em coming.

John said...

IS that A Caad9?