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Monday, July 14, 2008

Richard Sachs Team Issue. The "Pro Assembly".

What follows is the assembly of a Richard Sachs Cyclocross Bike. We decided to make the Sachs, "Team Issue", meaning aside from a couple bits here and there, this Sachs would resemble a machine one of the Team Richard Sachs Riders would tote to the line come Cross Season.

I start by lubing the inside of the seat tube and greasing the threads on the binder bolt.

I then mate it all together and what we have now is a work stand mounted frame ready to be kitted.

First up is an easy one, installing the rear derailleur. I grease the dropout bolt and snugly install.

Next up its installing the headset. I start by pounding the race onto the fork crown. A light coat of grease is applied on the base of the steerer tube to ensure the race glides on with relative ease. Note that Joe Bell dates his work on the fork's steerer tube. Many of you may never see this on your Sachs's unless you've taken your fork off.

I wasn't particularly pleased with how the starnut was seated (this was a re-furb bike which had already seen use) in the steerer tube so I put my trusty starnut tool and hammer to work.
Much better.
Other than their bulbous nature, what's not to like about a Chris King Headset? Pure class and a very nice fit on this Richard Sachs.
First I place a thin layer of grease on the portion of the cups that press into the head tube. This insures a nice "glide" into the frame. No need to force these things in any more than they already will be.
I line everything up and twist.
The seal in the Chris King top cap is very tight and requires a little love tap with a mallet to get it onto the steerer tube.
Don't forget the little plastic sleeve thingy!
More to come. The build is complete and I have tons more pictures to post. Back in a bit....

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good stuff Justin!