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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Richard Sachs Team Issue. The "Pro Assembly". Part Deux.

Now it's time to get the front end sorted. We went with a tried and tested Oval Concepts R700 Stem. 110mm fwiw.
As always, I grease the threads even though there is locktight on them. Old habits don't die.
I pull a 1" to 1"1/8 shim out of my bag of tricks.
Slide it all together and throw some temporary spacers on there just to hold it all in place.
The reverse face clamp bolts on the Oval Concepts stems are a bit of a p.i.t.a. come installation but they do make the front end appear that much cleaner.
We decided on the classic shape Oval Concepts bar in a 42cm c-c width.
Here I am holding the bar in place during installation.
For Cyclocross I tend to mount the bars tilted back ever so slightly, contrary to a road fit where I would run the drops of the bars parallel to the top tube (on a non-sloping frame).
Moving to the center frame fixtures of the bike, I reach for the GXP Bottom Bracket. I will grease the threads on this BB as I do with all English Threaded BB's. On Italian Threaded BB's i.e. Pegoretti's, Colnago's... I use locktight.
I get the cups started.
Pull out my outboard bearing BB tool.
A little work, then... SOLID.
Time to ditch this 53 for something a little more cross-sific.
Sram uses a 6m/5m bolt system on their cranksets.
Much better!
Slide it in.
Bolt it on.
Torque'er to spec.
Job well done!
Lube the brake posts.
Then the bolts.
"Them's the brakes."
Next up... Double Tap!

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