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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Day at the Races.

Wells Ave. in Newton, MA marks the spot of my first ever road race and over a decade later (I'm old!) I continue to revisit the early season training series for a little speedwork and perhaps some added incentive to dig deep into the pain cave.

This year I have the pleasure of co-sponsoring Team Pedros, a New England based Cat.3 team. Not only are the riders on the Pedros team a great bunch of guys, they are also very strong and savvy, mixing it up with the Cat1s and 2s with panache.

Following a little pre-race parking lot clothing party with some of the boys (l-r Mike, Jim, Chris)...

... we set out for a little warm-up spin followed by a strategy chat (check out the sweet Svelte Shoe Covers on my buddy/training partner Matt Simpson).

The get together was not limited to team members though as my consiglieri from Boston dropped in for a little visit and candid conversation. Craig and James were not racing that Sunday but certainly made their presence well known.

Time to race! 35 miles, 40 laps. The thought of doing timed intervals during the weekdays seems so 1999 so I decided that Wells would serve as my "interval training" this spring.

The plan was for us to do the "build a break". I would ride away and wait for the Team Pedros guys to latch onto groups bridging across. Well that did happen but not as soon nor as often as we had hoped.

The time spent alone meant serious prime cash-in. Even on my most successful Wells Ave outings the most I ever walked away with was a frozen turkey and a pie (true story). This weekend I made $50 in cash primes; said to be a new Wells Ave record. I'll take it!

Once the last of my breakaway attempts was thwarted, Cort and I got things rolling to set up Chris and Mike for the bunch kick.

On the bell lap things were looking good with Chris right on my wheel ready to pounce.

Unfortunately for Chris he got quacked off my draft and had to fend for his own exiting the final corner to the line. See Chris just about to pass me at the line here...

... he must have made up 10 spots in the final 100 meters but ran out of room. We'll get 'em next time Chris! (PS: some one tell Bruno at Team Independent Fabrications that cross season is over... nice bike though!)

Time for a little cool down. Thank You Craft for hooking me up with the sweet pre and post race apparel. Who would have known lime green would actually match my Team Svelte kit or any kit for that matter?

Speaking of the Svelte Cycles Kit by Pactimo... they look killer, fit right and are very well made with solid stitching and clean graphics, not to mention sturdy zippers. Svelte attire is currently offered on a first come first serve basis on the website.

Until Next Time,
Justin Spinelli


Robbie King said...

Wow! I could use a consiglieri, too.

Josh Kadis said...

Ah, Wells Ave. About 3 miles from where I grew up, I used to wake up 45 minutes before the start.

Do they still have the Loaf Of Bread prime?

RMM said...

I must be dense, I didn't make the connection that you and the Pedro's guys were working together until after the race and I realized that Svelte had sponsored those dudes.

That explains some of the things that I thought were weird during the race, like Cort blocking for you and Bailey latching onto bridging rides but not working.

Live and learn.

bruno said...

I charge a fee for using images of me on the web. It is one shoe cover. The use of my name, costs another shoe cover.

I thought is was a cross race.