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Monday, March 9, 2009

Methodized Chaos. A day at Spooky Bike Co.

60deg temperatures in March could not have set the tone more perfectly for a trip to one of the most unorthadox bike shops this side of the Mason-Dixon... and perhaps even the world.

Nestled quaintly between the rolling hills of western Mass in a restored industrial factory located at 01027 (the most winning zip code in America Cyclocross) we found Spooky Bike Co.

I forewarned my kid sister Elise...

...and my friend Allison who came along for the trip that things may get "interesting". Little did they know what lay ahead.

Mickey and the gang were a tad late to the appointment so the preliminary portion of the meeting was over a post-ride lunch.

Once glycogen was restored, Mickey and I got down to work...

... while Elise kept her hands full with other important tasks, like making pot holders. Thanks for the help Elise!

It took me only ten minutes to fully understand just how passionate and whimsically brilliant Mickey of Spooky Bikes is. Like a rare breed of genius understood by few and appreciated by only a core group of followers, Mickey is like a savior to the close-knit bike clan of central Massachusetts a true leader in his own right. This little factory is the playground for many elite bike racers and pets alike!

Love him or mis-uderstand him, I love him. A full offering of Spooky bikes will be on the palate here at Svelte Cycles. Why? These bikes speak for themselves when riding and when not on the roads or trails they are simply badass... hipsters, fashionistas, hard-core racers, appreciators of race bikes need only set one leg over a Spooky top tube and ride around town to understand what I mean. It's that look, that image. In our little sheltered world of trendy bikes and indulgent marketing campaigns, Spooky not only ranks off the charts on the cool factor but also rides like a real race bike should. Personally, I am smitten.

Mickey giving me bikes to race cyclocross on but he will also sponsor me and a fine group of New England based elite racers on the road scene this year. Here are a couple on sight snaps of Mukunda and Al; the nucleus of the Spooky-Kenda Team. Ladies, look for these guys at a bike race near you.

As much fun and games were to be had at 150 Pleasant Street, I did come on business and business there would be.

Mickey may come off as eclectic and whimsical but this guy knows his stuff. He gave me a full rundown not only of his product but also the products he suplies with his framesets. There really is a reason to all his madness. Never underestimate a guy who will wear an undershirt to a photo-shoot. Check us out in full on Q and A mode. Every question I asked was followed by a thorough and insightful answer.

"Edge forks rule." These amazingly stiff, strong and svelte forks make the perfect match for a black anodized Spooky race machine.

Time for presents. Thanks Mickey! This frame is sure to win a race or two this year.

If not, I will wash the Team Van before every road trip and even install *new brakes in it.

*note: van has no brakes.

Now that my bikes were sqared away, it was time to get to the other five sold bikes I had to build and deliver to my pals in the 03064 area.

Look at this little cutie... Aww....

I took care of the serial codes, inspection and organization...

...while Mickey did his thing with the decals.

When you do large productions of black anodized bikes, the fun really lies in the decals and Spooky totally "gets it" with about 5-6 different decal options with sticky custom prints only a phone call away.

Are we having fun yet?!

After a couple hours of playing bikes we reluctantly meandered our way back down the barren halls of the Spooky factory knowing the stale 2 plus hour drive back to New Hampshire would be a serious case of dysphoria. With my trunk full of exotic aluminum and carbon we were set to hit the road... A final glimpse at where the magic happens...

... and who appears to wish us a safe trip? You are all class Mickey.


If you really, really want a Spooky bike and can't wait till I list them, give me a call or shoot me an email and I will get you fully equiped.

603 943-4202


RIHans said...

I think it's great you're supporting a NE builder, Justin. Mikey and the Spooky brand should be front and center in the north east. I hear there will be a Spooky Team...I'll be chearing.

bike games said...

I think its cool you are supporting a NY builder.

thumper said...

I don't know how you got a cycling dork tan on your face in New Hampshire in March, but you did. I bet you wore Rudy Projects and a ski hat in the tanning booth.

Anonymous said...

Give Mickey and Spooky credit for supporting the sport in many ways. In addition to the road team they donated a frameset to the cross race / MS fundraiser in Easthampton. Companies many times the size of Spooky would never even consider that.