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Monday, May 5, 2008

Arundel "Dual" Saddle Bag

First Impressions: The "Dual" (dual as in you can fit 2 tubes inside) came simply packaged without a plastic shell or bag of any sorts, so thumbs up for them for going green. When I was unvelcroing the bag from its display board I could feel how durable and high quality the materials were. The bag itself was stiffly bordered yet the flat panels of nylon had a little give. What I really like about the Arundel Dual is there is no wrap around the seatpost velcro strap... those things can kill the finish on a nice carbon post.

*Have you ever double flatted on a ride? If so, you know why carrying 2 tubes is so important. If not, avoid learning a lesson the hard way!

The most interesting aspect of the Dual is the leather strip placed on the back-side of the bag. Cleverly sewn in, this leather strip prevents the contents inside the bag from working their way through the nylon when the bag is mounted and snug against your seatpost clamp. So again another very smart design feature from Arundel. Who ever though a saddle bag could be so cool!

When I spread all the contents of my previous, more bulky saddle bag on the ground I thought no way in hell would all this stuff fit in.

But.. it did!

Installation: This is where the Dual does not impress me. The strip of velcro with the plastic loop sewn in on the end is not long enough. Manuvering that little strip of velcro through the saddle rails was very difficult on a low profile saddle and would be even worse on a more classic profiled saddle.

However, once it's on there is really no need to take it off (except for race days) as you can unzip the bag and work your way through it's contents without fully removing the bag from under the saddle rails.

Also to note is the Arundel "Dual" works very nicely with TT bikes.

Shown in this pic is the method I use to remove my tube and pump when I flat. Simply loosen up the strap. Re-velcro and go for it.

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