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Friday, May 2, 2008

SRAM Pit Stop Bar Tape and Hoods

First Impression: The SRAM Pit Stop Bar Tape and Hoods come in a very tidy package with everything nicely rolled, folded and placed inside. What impressed me most was how SRAM included white finishing tape and nice quality end plugs and pre cut underwraps... the little touches make a big difference in ancillary goods such as bar tape.

Installation: To the touch the SRAM tape felt pliable, slightly synthetic compared to cork yet softer and more welcoming.Wrapping the tape was a piece of cake as the material was very pliable and strong. I never had the feeling the tape would snap while pulling the tape taut to ensure a snug and tidy finish. The SRAM end caps popped in with ease and nice and flush with a secure feeling. The white finishing tape however was a tad "plasticy" as in not pliable, and I advise you use this for what it was intended, finish... use electrical tape for the initial tape job, place the white stuff on top for clean looks. Installing the hoods was a snap. There is a little muscle work and coercing involved but when the are on, they are on. Just make sure the male dots stemming from the inside of the hood sit inside the female divots on the lever (sorry for the gross analogy).

Anecdotal Installation Note: SRAM provides a very long wrap of tape. This comes in handy when you absentmindedly leave your scissors and electrical tape out of reach.

Conclusion: After a rainy 160K race in Jiminy Peak, MA I was very surprised not only how clean the tape stayed...

...but also how nicely it cleaned up with a quick, soapy watered rinse-scrub-rinse.

Another nice surprise was how well that "plasticy" finishing tape stayed secure during and after such a fast, aggressive race contested in the deplorable conditions. The white hoods which have a slightly "waxy" feel to them performed well in the wet conditions and perhaps the feeling that these white hoods were not as tacky as the stock black version was in all in my head. They performed fantastic and the bling factor when you roll up the start with matching hoods and tape is very high.

Note: The SRAM Pit Stop Hoods and Tape will also come in a Red version. You can find the Pit Stop Hoods and Tape uprgrade/replacement kit here.


Anonymous said...

shwing .!.

swoop said...

i never thunk about wrapping the tape around the top tube when searching for electrical tape or to make the scissor cut. new tricks are hot.