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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time Edge Pulse/Dura Ace Complete Bike

The Time Edge Pulse is the bike I trust will perform for my Pedros/Svelte Cycles Road Team I am sponsoring this year. This is all the machine anyone needs to race and ride competitively and when fitted with perhaps a higher end wheelset, this bike will give you the same advantages as 99.9% of the bikes you see in today's PRO peleton if not more.

The only difference between the Edge Pulse and the Times highest end non-ISP module the VXR Proteam are that the Edge employs more round tubes as opposed to elaborately shaped tubes and has an aluminum bottom bracket shell instead of carbon. Will you feel these differences when out riding? No. Will these differences effect negatively the integrity or longevity of the bike? No. Do these differences allow Time to produce a handmade frame at a lower cost? Yes. Oh I almost forget, the Edge requires you use a clamp-on front derailleur as opposed to a braze on. Again, a difference you only feel in your wallet.

Everything else is the same... Handmade if France, identical production methods, identical materials, identical finish qualities, nearly identical geometries. Don't forget, Time has been producing carbon fiber frames longer than any other major manufacturer. By virtue of their void-less lugs and tubing, intricate production methods and materials Time represents the gold standard in modern lugged carbon fiber frames. These bikes ride like true race bikes. No dull, woodlike sensations, no wavering on technical, demanding descents, very light, very stiff in all the right places, absolutely gorgeous finishes and they come with perhaps the nicest, most highly acclaimed fork available the Safe + Fork.

Though not as streamlined as the new 7900 Dura Ace STIs, the 7800s offer all the comfort and light action precision shifting Shimano is known for.

The FSA OS 150 Stem paired with the FSA Gossamer Double Butted Handlebar offers a stiff and light cockpit. (note horrendously long steerer tube... this bike has yet to be fitted to it's owner)

I was very pleasantly surprised by the FSA Energy brakes. They offer a smooth and strong retention, use a nice quick release cam, have a bold and sturdy design and hone replaceable brake pad holders in addition looking very nice indeed.

Though not Michelins flagship tire, the Lithions are very dependable and puncture resistant. These come with a kevlar bead so they are light and I noticed they are also very round and mount straight... you would be surprised how many tires don't!

The wheels... The Edge Pulse comes with Fulcrum R7s which are perhaps the most awful wheel ever. The quick releases are even worse. I trashed them and fitted a nice set of DT Swiss hubbed/32H/3x wheels.

See that little target on the top tube? Drop a plum line down from the tip of your saddle to the top of the top tube and measure over to the center of the target. Voila. You have just performed the easiest and most accurate set back measurement ever.

Light action and so smooth. Some prefer Campy and SRAM but you simply can't beat the smoothness of a Shimano Drivetrain. Like butter. This is why you see most SRAM Pro-Tour teams secretly riding Shimano chains and cassettes.

A very simple, basic carbon seatpost from FSA. Nothing special but it is strong, light, has setback and is easy to adjust.

So I was not crazy about this bike coming spec'd with a generic Time saddle featuring a big hole in the middle but hey... if you are into that sort of thing you are all set. If not, saddles are cheap and I can offer you a wide array of Fizik, San Marco and Selle Italia goods.

I adore Times wishbone seatstay. So clean and tasteful. It reminds me of the stays on the Pinarello Operas of yore. Keeps the rear wheel on the ground with authority.

So compact cranks... To be honest I have never ridden one. What is the selling point? For me it's more time you can stay in the big ring ie: less front shifting. If you live in a mountainous area and don't average 400 watts at threshold you may be psyched to have one of these... I know I would be!

Take note this is the FSA SLK Light... a very, very nice crank worthy of replacing a standard Dura Ace setup, not some price point piece. I love the carbon cap that comes with these and the voluptuous pearl carbon undertone.

An FSA compact specific front derailleur comes standard for accurate, crisp shifts.

Check out the boldly shaped seat-tube. This guy means business.


To purchase a Time Edge Pulse Complete Bicycle for $3185 Linkemail me at or just pick up the phone and dial 603 943-4202. To purchase from the Svelte Cycles Website click here.


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CCC said...

Great review and write up, Justin. VERY sharp bike. I'm sure that particular bike's owner will be quite pleased.

Pedro D said...

I own a Time Pulse Edge and it is exactly as J describes it. The handling in big corners is where the Edge Pulse really stands out. Mine's 18 months old and I'm lovin' it. Pedro, Melbourne Australia.