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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Week In Review with Justin Spinelli

As the weather grows friendlier and we think more and more about our riding in 2009, the orders and coming in at a good clip and I already have many fun projects in store for this week. Here is a little glimpse at what I do when I'm not riding my bike in the hills of New Hampshire.

Gutting out a SRAM lever has always been something I've wanted to do. Last week my pal Tony put a call in for SRAM Force Cross kit. He wanted to emulate my set up on my Richard Sachs race bikes so it was up to me to take care of the details. I've heard horror stories of failed attempts and ruined levers but for me it was a snap. Good luck putting this back together though!

Time bikes are moving really well especially the Edge Racer modules I have on special for $1700. This one is the Team Pedros + 3 Network p/b Svelte Cycles bike. This team is comprised of a tres cool bunch of Cat3s whose enthusiasm for pedaling bikes gifts me a breath of fresh air after being surrounded by Pros for the last decade. Most Pros arent always so psyched to ride their bikes... it is after all work! A snowy winters night and some boredom were all it took for me to take to the streets with my camera and snap this pic. (note: Matt will race on Edge wheels, those Zipp thingys are for training)

Oh yeah, speaking of wheels I almost forgot about the hoops I built up for Tony. These are DT Swiss 240 hubs on Kinlin TB-25 rims with Wheelsmith double butted spokes and alloy nipples. We went with a 28h radial front and a 32h 3x/3x rear pattern.

Cluttered shelves are not par for the course for any Virgo. This is not exactly like a display layout you would find while shopping at Prada or Gucci but hey... I make the most out of what I have! (drat that grease stain on the wall. did not notice that till I posted these pics!)


... turns to night

... and I prepare my next project. Another set of custom wheels! Strength will be paramount on this build so went with the DT Swiss R1.1 double eyelet rims in a 32 hole front and rear count. Lacing will be 2x front, 2x non-drive rear, 3x drive side with Wheelsmith double butted spokes and alloy nipples (the wise choice for any build). These will be finished off with a set of Vredestein Fortezzas, Michelin Aircomp Tubes and a the solid as a rock DT Swiss Steel Skewers.

Time to get some Zs at 8000 feet!

Until Next Time,
Justin Spinelli


Feltslaves said...

that rig is hot. fire hot.chili hot.engine hot.boss hot.brass monkey hot.grandmaster hot.slapstick hot.skybar rig

Mike Marley said...

Can you tell me more about modifying the SRAM lever?
Do you "gut" the front shifter for weight gain because you use a single chainring?

Svelte Cycles - Product Reviews said...


I gut the lever as their is no need for it's mechanism on a single-ring bicycle.

Thank You for reading.


zank said...

no sweat putting the lever back together if your customer chooses to go back. easy as pie.

Telescorpio said...

Tell me more about the Kinlin tubular + DT Swiss wheelset.

Looks just like what I want for cyclocross racing & maybe some crits as well. Looks like a solid build.

What did it weigh in at?